Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh Venice.. City of dreams...

When entering Venice
come in through the back canals

away from the crowds of the inevitable tourists
away from the noisy water taxis and buses

and glide in a gondola
in the silence of the magic

under the arches of ancient bridges

for this is the secret Venice
that enchants
and you whisper
I am here again..

what is it about your watery ways

your aged tatty self

that makes you seem a lover

that bewitches

and confuses


here I am again
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  1. Venice seems like a magical place. I would love all that architecture.Thanks for these great images you're sharing with us.

  2. Such a captivating post and photos, Joan. How I yearn to see Venice and how grateful I am for you sharing with us here.

  3. A love poem to Venice - and it takes me back to when I was there about 40 years ago, loving every moment. It's an enchanting city, unlike any other. Thank you for taking us with you on your journey.