Monday, October 24, 2011

'Tis a strange thing to fly to the north
and travel in lands where autumn is arriving
in tones of golds and reds and browns
and the dry leaves falling are blown about by the chill  from a cold north wind..

then to fly home again to the south and
discover spring has arrived
and the blackbirds are singing songs of passion in the early mornings
and winter bare trees are once again decked in 
 greenery that dances in a warm north wind..

I have been dancing in that dance of the seasons
that never ends..
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  1. I love all seasons, but it's the point of change that lifts me most.

  2. "The dance of the seasons that has no end..." I was thinking of this when I read of your travels, how you went from such different climes. It would be interesting to experience. Love your "doodles." So very Joan Miro.

  3. I love every season when I'm in it. But it must be a special and exciting experience to fly from autumn to spring in a short time!
    What a lovely doodle!
    Grethe ´)

  4. I adore your doodles, Joan, and have missed them while you were gone. How interesting it must be to be in Autumn one day, Spring the next. What wonders there are in this world.

  5. You are like a migrating bird, and in your doodles you sing the song of spring.