Sunday, October 23, 2011

NZ All Blacks are Rugby World Champions!!!

I have just watched the final of the Rugby World cup in NZ!
New Zealand versus France

What a fight!
NZ won by one point!

I feel a proud kiwi tonight.
As I go off to bed at midnight
I can hear the celebrations down in the city.
I'm not the only happy kiwi tonight!

As we left the airport it was such a surprise
to see black flags with the silver fern and little flags of
New Zealand flying from the cars.
It looked such a celebration.

I love you NZ, my country..
the way you pull together be it for A Rugby World Cup,
a terrible earthquake or a disasterous oil spill.
How wonderful to have this successful festival to cheer everyone!

Now I can return to my  no-tv-sport zone!
Where's my book...

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  1. Wonderful pictures of Innsbruk and congratulations on the World Cup!

  2. Congratulations, NZ! And I love the Austrian clothing and the crystal stairs!!

  3. Well, I certainly thought my fingernails got shorter after that match! It's quite a relief to return to a normal life again!