Monday, October 17, 2011

Paris for me
is a beautiful city
of wide tree-lined streets,
cafes, art and good food.

Delicious onion soup with a crusty top of cheese,

and memorable melt in the mouth macaroons are
among my memories.
The coffee...was so so.

The Eiffel Tower
at night
all sparkle and shimmer
in this city of love.

We were on our way to Rome
and our first glimpse of things Roman was a French ruler who
obviously fancied himself an ancient hero of the Roman kind.
No Roman haircut for this King however!

We were visiting Versaille
and the sun shone bright and glorious..
apt at the palace of he who named himself
The Sun King.

This was the first of many palaces and castles and big houses
we were to see during our six weeks of travel.
Versaille the most opulent of all.
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  1. That onion soup looks beyond delicious! I'm not much for sweets, save for macrons - could dive into the screen for this one. I remember when DeGaulle hosted the Kennedy's at a dinner in Versailles - oh, to have been a fly on the mirror (properly dressed, of course!)

  2. How wonderful to be able to see Paris. One of these days...(hopefully!)

  3. Your pictures are as beautiful as they are delicious looking, Joan. How well you captured Versailles, the food, the feel of Paris.

    I love you doodle of the Eiffel Tower - and your thoughts as well.

  4. I lived in Paris for 2 years, and the onion soup takes me right back there.