Friday, March 4, 2011

Red and Black for Christchurch..

Over the road from my house is a child daycare centre.
This morning there was something different..

the staff and the children were all wearing red and black.

I too was dressed in red and black, ready to go to sewing class.


Today was Red and Black Day.
The colours of Canterbury..
the colours of Christchurch.

We wore our red and black as a way of saying..
we are with you people of Christchurch.
We care.
Kia kaha!

As I went about my day I felt very moved to see red and black..
at the supermarket, the service station,
the children coming home from school..


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  1. Hard to expain this kinship
    It happened here after Sept llth
    everyone wearing flags..flags everywhere
    yellow ribbons too
    and faces still in disbelief that that could have happened
    It is healing it is an expression of grief
    for all those precious lives lost
    and bravery, as you rise again
    I saw that it is recovery now...
    myheart breaks at this news

  2. I'm just starting to catch up, Joan, and here is your wonderful red and black post. I will choose the same colors today to wear as a tribute to all in New Zealand.

  3. One of the reasons why one loves Kiwis!


  4. I love that kind of support - definitely spirit lifting!

  5. This is such a moving support.

  6. How glad I am that I found my way to your lovely writing via 'Vickie Lane Mysteries'. The first thing seeing 'each minute of life should be a divine quest.' and your lovely title,struck me stopping me in my tracks. Then your descriptions of your wonderful birthday balloon ride, and parachute jump, wow! The writing is so uplifting and infused with your obvious love of life. I shall be adding myself to your followers list to read more, thank you so much.

    Sending a 'Hello' from England,

  7. Such a simple and effective way of showing support. I received the message to wear red and black on Tuesday, and liked spotting others in Auckland who were doing the same.