Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Magic moments..

It is so dark in the mornings now.

I tend to stay longer in bed reading..
oh the joy of this retired life!

I have been walking around the lake in the early evening
and enjoying the beautiful sunsets.

One evening I sat and watched the pigeons flying.
Big flocks swooping and curving.
Silent in the distance but when they flew close I could hear their wings beating
and felt a thrill of the dance as they moved in synchronicity.

The following evening I returned to the lake,
this time taking my camera.

I should have known magic moments are never to be repeated.

The pigeons had already settled in the phoenix palms for the night,
cooing and murmuring and scrabbling about out of sight.

One lone bird still flew, round and round above me.
I managed to catch his flight once in a blurred image
and I walked home without the photo I had hoped for.
But what I had seen the evening before
I will carry in my memory like a gift.
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  1. Your photo is truly beautiful J; the bird in motion adds to it. Often it is what we don't capture on camera that we hold dear in our memories.

  2. I love the bird in flight. It looks like it is breaking through the clouds. Marilyn is so right. Our memories are so dear and now you have the picture today and the wonderful dance of the pigeons last night in your memory.

  3. Such a beautiful sunset. And the blur of bird is something like fleeting memory...

  4. You have still captured the magic Joan, in your words and in your photo. What a special time of year this is; I've just had a magical day too.

  5. the picture is faithful to the essense. what a lovely day :)

  6. That's the beauty of our memories - we can revisit beautiful moments over and over even if we can't capture them on camera.

  7. You captured the magic of the seasons, Joan. I feel as though each flies to us. We catch what we can and savor the joy of the moment. Our days are longer, still not bright and sunny as winter hates to leave us. But birds have begun to chirp in the morning. I stretch and reach into the day with them.