Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Last Roses of Summer..

early autumn morning
down at the lake

sun kissed
rain tears
stillness and beauty

like a late born child

summer gone
and roses linger on

petals for a potpourri of remembrance

the last roses of summer
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  1. I can almost smell your roses above, Joan, and the book looks wonderful. I would be spending hours and hours studying it and have it up on a little easel to decorate my den. I admire the ways you have found to study art and art history. Fantastic!

  2. I can smell them from here. I so look forward to my roses this summer. Thank you for this fine reminder. Beautiful.

  3. Oh Joan, you are tugging at my heart strings today, with that music and the falling petals from the perfect roses.

  4. Lovely and lush! I, too, always save those last petals for potpourri.