Sunday, March 6, 2011

A bookshop sale and a birthday gift token
and this beautiful book is mine!

I always dreamed
when I retired I would study art history.
How sad I was when I discovered there was no such
course at our university.

Art Historian, Mary Kisler has a vast knowledge of the art collections held in our New Zealand Galleries.
I have always listened to her discussions about works of art with Kim Hill on National Radio.
I have attended her talks at our museum where she brings works of art alive with her wonderful background knowledge and wisdom.
Mary is a bright, petite woman full of enthusiasm for art.
I could sit at her feet and listen and learn by the hour.

Instead I will dip daily into this beautiful 400 page volume and explore the early European art in our public collections.
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  1. Your rose photographs are stunning, Joan! And what a beautiful book. I'm sorry you can't take a course, but how wonderful to have someone with that wealth of knowlege to share.

  2. Lucky you! I too have enjoyed hearing Mary Kisler being interviewed by Kim HIll. Mary speaks so beautifully about art. I lived next door to her for over a year recently.