Sunday, March 20, 2011

Indigo Blue...

The word indigo keeps popping up everywhere for me lately.
Does that ever happen to you?

I read a book and there it is..

Browsing through the paper and I see the word..

I admire the portrait of a girl..
her name is Indigo.

I look on Spirit Cloth blog and there is wonderful indigo blue.

( I looked it up.. it is RAS that causes me to keep seeing the word indigo.. the brains Reticular Activation System )

Indigo is a word that reminds me of Morocco and the indigo dye of the Sahara Berbers.

In my house I have lots of red and very little blue.

The word indigo has alerted my eyes to the colour blue

and as I walked around the lake this morning,
there it was,

a beautiful feather with the most beautiful shades of blue.

I begin to notice blue as I walk..

and when I reached home I consulted Charles Phillip's book 'Colour For Life'.


is the colour of





blue represents


an oasis of calm

the Earth Goddess

the Virgin Mary

I have sent for a kit of indigo dye.
I am busy completing a quilt of reds and blacks
( it will always be a Canterbury Memory quilt for me now )
I am feeling I need the colour blue!

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  1. Interesting, Joan. I don't use much blue either, though I have a friend who uses in repeatedly (and beautifully) in her house. She fits Phillip's description. Your photos are quite stunning and that feather is beautiful.

  2. Blue was always my mother's favourite colour. I love blue for its many nuances and its peacefulness. Right now Mira is trying to work out the difference between blue and purple, and some shades of blue have me flummoxed, but I love them all. What a gift to fall from the skies - a feather for you, winged one.

  3. There is a bird that is not very common called the indigo bunting. Might that feather be from one? I love it when the mirror reflects our thoughts back to us, and when it does to this extent it's time to take a look, or perhaps it's just time to relax into knowing the universe is taking very good care of us. Either way, it's good. Very good.

  4. i've been caught in indigo for a while now, try it,you'll like it.

  5. Thank you Penny, and Juliet i chuckled when I read about Mira and her purple/blue muddle. I know the first flower is really purple, but I can see blue tints there and couldn't resist it.
    I hunted up the Indigo Bunting Teresa E and it is magic. Thank you.
    Thanks for the encouragement Jude!