Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour.. a blessing for the Earth and happy anniversary memories

Today is Earth Day.
We switch off our electricity from 8.30pm for one hour.

Earth Day last year was on the 27Th of March.
It was also the wedding of
Ann and Steve.

At 8.30pm we turned off the electricity
and ate their wonderful wedding meal by candlelight.

So tonight I will turn off the lights
at 8.30pm for an hour.
(I will probably like it so much I won't turn them back on again!)

I will think about caring for our planet

and I will be thinking of Ann and Steve
on their first anniversary
and send them wishes and love.
I know they will be doing something wonderful and special
because that is what they do.
Full of adventures and surprises, these two live life to the full.
Just now they live in Canada..
so we will celebrate their anniversary a day ahead of them.
As Earth day flows around the globe
so will your anniversary Ann and Steve.

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  1. A lovely post J; this last year has gone by so quickly. I add my best wishes for S&A's first wedding anniversary, may they have a wonderful day celebrating.

  2. What a beautiful couple. I will be meditating in the dark or by candlelight this evening at the appointed hour. It's nice to know that it truly is a global event.

  3. Thank you wonderful ma-in-law. Can't believe a year has gone by already...amazing! We're off to Vancouver for the weekend and the bubbles are packed for a champagne breakfast! xox

  4. A lovely couple! No publicity for Earth Hour in Christchurch this year, normally they turn the lights off in Cathedral Square but they have been off for a month now...

  5. Wasn't it special, going into candlelight for an hour in the evening, and knowing that other candles are being lit all over the country? I too thought I must do this more often. Music always sounds better by candlelight, I think.

  6. Beautiful, Joan. It's amazing the calm and quiet of a world without electricity.

  7. How gorgeous! A lovely way to celebrate with them across the miles. X

  8. earth day to me is always special. lovely couple. thank you for posting.

  9. What a beautiful couple !

    It would be wonderful if towns, at least the small ones, and administrations would turn light off streets and buildings. All those lights on all the night. It is crazy...

    Thank you for your visit on my art blog.
    Have a nice week.

  10. A lovely post, Joan. And what a handsome couple.

  11. That is a great memory. We lost power because of a pole being run over. It was five and half hours later and if it had not been winter, it would have been a good time.