Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh Autumn

oh autumn..

here you come again
all mellow and mindful and dying

in the tatty autumn bag of
keepsakes of my heart
both the happiest and the saddest of my life..

but the crickets sing soothing  lullabies

and the blue hydrandeas have faded into palest greens

and musty pinks

and the leaves on trees
let go
their sap of green
and in their dying
 turn to
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  1. So softly, it seems, your autumn arrives, and so beautiful as well. Those hydrangeas are beautiful, Joan, and seem to love your climate. We are back at 32 degrees and snow flurries. brrr! I never trust March here.

  2. Beautiful words and images Joan. I feel the sweet sadness of autumn in them.

  3. On opposite sides of the world...on opposite sides of the equator...we're together, joining hands with Nature as her seasonal beauties unfurl.