Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Early morning thoughts at the lake...a parable from nature..

Down at the lake
the nursery spiders have been busy
building their dainty homes for new babies.

Most choose the safety of the manuka shrubs
and build a low level house,

but this morning I noticed
on the very tippest-top branch of a young kauri tree..

one eccentric spider has built her home!

Why build up there!
Don't you know the winds may blow
and the earth may shake
and you and your babies may come tumbling down!

.. I know I know..
but the view up here is exceedingly wonderful,
why I can see to the far side of the lake.

When my babies are ready
they will let out their silken threads and
sail on the wind
and fly like a bird
and flutter like an autumn leaf..
know what it is to be alive!
I know the earth may shake and the winds may blow..
to live in fear
is to scarcely live at all!

( Seeing the web on top of the tree, I thought how we live on such beautiful islands,  usually peaceful and calm.  Living on tectonic plates that shift and shake and a place of many sleeping volcanoes may seem a risky  place to live...  )
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  1. Beautiful post -- the more we dare, the more we gain.

    And your lovely Lenten reflections and the beautiful wedding -- Life in all its dizzying variety. Thank you, Joan!

  2. I love the spidery webs, Joan. They are always a sure sign of autumn here, and, I suspect, in New Zealand as well. Your words weave this all together as expertly as the spider her web. Thank you.

  3. That's beautiful, Joan. We can learn from these undaunted spiders. Knowing how to spin a good web/cocoon is a great art.

  4. Hello Joan,
    It is sometime since I visited you. Hope everything is well for you and your familly.
    We all have a thought for japanese people. It is the world, our world, which is going to an end. It is a lesson to us. Don't know what the future will be but we must keep hope in our hearts.

    All the best