Thursday, March 24, 2011

Indigo, violet, feathers and flying!

Indigo and violet
are the colours that attract me just now.

The news came this morning of the death of Elizabeth Taylor..
a wonderful actress and a lady with style
and I remember hearing that she had the most remarkable violet eyes.
Farewell Elizabeth and your violet eyes!

When I first shifted from the farm to the city
it was with red and purple that I surrounded myself
but suddenly I have this desire to have blue,
indigo and violet.

" A longing for indigo and violet suggests that you are feeling cut off from your higher self.
Consider taking a retreat or resuming a form of artistic self-expression
- such as painting or music - that you have abandoned.

How many of your activities are necessary?
How many could you give up with no loss to yourself or to others?
Do you get anything from watching that TV show?

Indigo and violet energy will be abundant in your life, when you have time to do things slowly,
carefully and with full attention-
when you have the peace occasionally to sit in silence
and listen to your inner voice. "

Charles Phillips. Colour For Life.

I have purchased an indigo dye kit..
it arrived in my mailbox this morning and came from Hand's in Christchurch.
The store has been restored to some order following the earthquake.
I am happy the indigo dye has a Christchurch connection!

Indigo dye was originally made from the indigo tree.
It will always remind me of Morocco.
I plan to dye small pieces of cloth for book making...
when I complete my red and black quilt.

And look at the little piece of art I bought..

feathers and flying!

The feather gatherer could not resist it!
..and his body is indigo blue!
An Icarus on some journey?
He seems to express exactly what I have been thinking.

He is made from papier mache
.. as light as a feather..
and moves with the slightest breeze.
I have not the name of the artist but I will find out.
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  1. especially love the cute little hands holding the feathers.

  2. I am enchanted by this little winged being. Do let us know the artist. It reminds me of your doodling, in 3D form. It's really wonderful.

  3. Such light and airy visions floating up here, Joan. An enchanting piece of artwork that seems custom made for you. It will be fun to see what your prayer cloth looks like with your indigo dye. Do show us when you get to it.

  4. Indigo is one of those colours that really sings. I always think of the hour past sunset on a clear night when the sky deepens to that magical shade.

    I love your flying spirit - he's beautiful!

  5. What a wonderful post! thaks for coming by my blog and visiting!
    I too have bought the indigo dye kit....and some natural fabrics to dye.[There is a website, Karma(something)...which has white cotton clothing which can be dyed]. It's too bad we can't get together and have a dye party!
    I also bought some antique indigo pieces from kimonoboy's website. They just came today from Japan! Love them!

  6. Beautiful thoughts and pictures -- The little flying creature is charming!

    I'm partial to blues and violets too -- with a dash of yellowy green for accent.

  7. I love the flying creature. Flying is definitely a theme for you at the moment, isn't it? I have a marvellous book on colour, which I know you would enjoy: Victoria Finlay, 'Colour: a natural history of the palette.' She has a whole chapter on indigo:
    'Once upon a time . . . indigo was the most important dye in the world. At one point it helped prop up an empire, and then later helped destablize it. . . .'
    Have fun making indigo!

  8. BTW--that is Dharma Trading Co. with the white clothes!

  9. Indigo sings, as Talon so beautifully said. Your feathered friend is an extension of your beautiful soul, it's you, the beautiful person you are.