Monday, May 16, 2011


i wake in the early morning
i glance at my bedside clock/radio

 i turn on the radio
in the dark
just as some West Indian writer says

poets often don't wear watches

i haven't worn a watch for four years or more

my watch
small and gold

 i began to wear his watch
large and gold
and it brought
his memory close

then one day
it stopped

i placed it in the drawer with mine
and left
chronos time
to itself

but the world is full of clocks

my car clock flicks time
and the clock in the mall
is large and clear
above the walking heads

i have come to prefer
to notice where the sun sits in the sky

and when the birds sing

and kairos time settles in my soul

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  1. Joan, I don't know why, but this brought me to tears this morning. You write so lovely and your thoughts are so peaceful. It's very inspiring. I stopped wearing a watch a few years ago. I like keeping time with the Universe, too.

  2. You touched my soul with this posting, Joan. How inspiring that you have found yourself keeping time with the rhythms of the day, the seasons. I find this so serene.

    I giggled a bit as well. I tend to awake every night between 3 and 3:30 am. I know what time it is without looking at the alarm clock (though I always do anyways).

  3. I love this piece -- I've never worn a watch, except when I speak to a group and have to be aware of the time to the minute.

  4. How touching this post is. You must be ready for a sun dial!