Sunday, May 29, 2011

The rains have gone..

My early morning walk around the lake
was perfect.
The sun shone and the air after the rain
was fresh and tingly.

The grass was wet with millions of
tiny orbs of precious water..

and the ducks were decidedly content
dabbling in the puddles.

In the peace of the bush grove I made a tiny altar
for my long time friend
who has been given the diagnosis we all fear
as grow into our latter years.

I promise to be always there for you
my dear, dear friend.
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  1. "Orbs of precious water," yes, and precious Life.

  2. Phenomenal shots of the the water droplets! They are fascinating, aren't they? I will pray for your friend, Joan, and for all those that love her and tend her through this time.

    We call those flowers pokers, or red hot poker plant, as well. They really make a statement growing in masses.

  3. What a tender, touching altar for your friend. If only the rain could wash away sickness and sadness; but I'm sure you will be there for her. She's lucky to have a friend such as you.

  4. Amazing capture of the droplets, Joan. I'm sorry your friend has to face such a battle. She is blessed to have someone like you to support her at this difficult time in her life. The altar is exquisite.

  5. Gorgeous droplets, Joan, and the 'tingly' feeling of fresh it so.

    At your touching altar, I offered up a prayer for your friend. I know you'll be there for her. It's a 'being there' I didn't know existed when I was in my salad days...So I send a deeper courage to your friend for the battle ahead. Hugs.