Thursday, May 12, 2011

Autumn doodles..

..a rather gaudy doodle inspired by the toadstools growing amidst
the falling leaves of Crazy Lady Autumn just now.
The leaves fall and dance and truly make me laugh
and feel like dancing wildly
and kicking the piles of leaves.

It feels like a crazy last minute fiesta
before I withdraw into my warm cave because
Mother Winter is just around the corner..

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  1. "I am..." -- I love that, Joan. So very true.

    The doodles are gorgeous. Here we are just coming back to life after what seemed an unending winter and you're preparing to get all warm and cosy.

  2. I love your toadstools!!! I might have to get them screenprinted onto a t-shirt!! I think I have the perfect pair of shoes to wear with them xx

  3. I enjoy your cheery toadstools.

  4. Such delightful autumn doodles, Joan, and I can't help but love the toadstools, and wonder what fairies lurk in amongst them. I'm just starting to catch up on posts, and here you are with all your delightful autumn scenes and doodles.