Sunday, May 1, 2011

The first of May and it is chilly outside.
The leaves are falling fast now, dancing in the breeze.
I've had a sore throat so I've stayed indoors.
It gives that
sort of feeling.
Two thirds through Autumn ..
Winter is near.

Just the time for thinking of those we love who have gone before us.

So I made a little mandarin lamp to glow in the evening as the days grow shorter
and earth tilts
and we move further from the sun.

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  1. I love your little lamp. May it bring you comfort as you retreat into your cave.

  2. A warm and cosy retreat for Winter sounds great. Hope that sore throat disappears soon.

  3. I can just feel the coziness, with your little lamp. Lovely setpiece. Sometimes, the facts, "earth tilts and we move further from the sun," are the most poetic. A very nice feeling to this group of words and images.

  4. I love your lamp and your toadstool in the picture above, Joan. I hope your throat feels better soon and, in the meantime, hunker down into your cave.

  5. Lovely images, Joan. Stay warm and cozy.