Monday, May 9, 2011

A Monday out walking...

Today I walked into the CBD to the movies
(a 12 minute walk) to see the Met Opera movie of
Le Comte Ori
by Rossini..

..I am in love with this young Peruvian tenor
Juan Diego Florez, who played the Comte.
His wife had given birth to his son less than an hour before the opera began.
No sleep the night before.. but what a performance.

I am in love with the Met movies. I just can't get enough of them!
I am putting NY and the Met on my Bucket List!

The walk home was lovely in the late afternoon.
Dora's, a very favourite cafe, was closed but there looked to be plenty of ozone in the blue sky above..

and the trees everywhere were looking beautiful and very Autumnal.

The round-about signs made me think of how fast the seasons seem to come round
these years.

I love the way the late afternoon sun picks out leaves
and parts of trees and makes them glow with colour.

Light is colour.
Colour is light.

Without sunlight...
no colour...

and is the colour really only in my eye.. and in my brain ?

I have a sneaky feeling the world in more like Alice's Wonderland
than we realize...
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  1. Oh yes, I agree, it is I believe. I'm so glad to have been able to take this walk with you. You always say so much with a few beautiful words to match your photos. I like the roundabout sign: give way. When we look, signs can say so much about life, like giving way to the seasons and the changes mirrored in them. It sounds like you have a great little movie house within walking distance. How fun.

  2. and that was exactly what I was thinking Teresa.. in Ireland the world YIELD is used instead of GIVE WAY and I liked that too. Just to submit oneself, relax and be.. live in the season.

  3. beautiful... and yes, they do gold :)