Tuesday, May 17, 2011


There is something precious about stitching.
Taking a needle and thread and creating or mending.

There is that element of small danger ..
of pricking fingers
and drawing blood even.

There is something ancient and primal about stitching.
The patterns and skills
handed down from woman to woman.

A gift that has stitching is a precious thing.
One of a kind.
Unique to both giver and the recipient.
Even when the gift is used and worn
it is treasured and kept
because how could it be thrown away.

To me stitching is a meditation,
a way of praying.

When a friend is troubled or ill..
I find myself stitching.

It is mindfulness and loving
with every stitch.

Other than that I cannot explain
what stitching
means to me.

I have been taking Spirit Cloth's online classes to learn weaving with fabric.  I am loving working this way with leftover pieces of fabric in my small stash.  A very meditative thing to do.  Thank you Jude Hill.
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  1. Well, that is just beautiful, the simple eloquence of your words.... Stitching does offer that mindfulness and a sense of prayer. Absolutely. I think I should do some stitching.

  2. This is such a lovely post, Joan. I'm not very good with needle and thread, so, have a great respect for those who do. I do embroider and cross-stitch, but, not to the extent that you do, and I do crochet. I understand how it is a way of praying as this is exactly how I feel when I garden. Your words and pictures are just lovely.

  3. Dear Teresa.. I think you often stitch.. creating and mending.. with your words..
    Thanks Jude for calling and thanks for sharing your spirit cloths..
    Oh Penny I have just come in from the garden.. hot after lawns and digging and wonderfully enriched!Your spring garden will be looking wonderful and I look forward to sharing it!

  4. What a beautiful post. I too love stitching, and enjoy seeing the beauty you are creating. I find it very meditative too.

  5. This is gorgeous and so true, Joan. When I sew by hand, it takes my focus somewhere deeper and it's definitely like a meditative state. There is a primal quality that is beautiful.

  6. I recently discovered that I can't thread a needle without my specs, which shows how long it was since I took a hem up, or sewed on a button, never mind embroidered, which I enjoyed so much.

  7. Oh, you make me want to get into my fabric and make a quilt! Such a satisfying occupation!

  8. it truely is meditative :) a wonderful post