Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ask and you'll receive...

The warm, damp weather this autumn has meant lots of mushrooms and toadstools
on lawns and along the grass verges in our street.

I cannot resist taking photos of magical fungi.

I have been saying
what I really want to see is a fairy ring .

As children we often saw fairy rings
and truly believed it was where the fairies had danced in the moonlight.

This morning..
there it was
on the grass verge by my house ..

looking like the fallen leaves,
a real fairy ring of toadstools!

"Like elves and fairies in a ring"

Hecate.  Shakespeare

"And nightly, meadow fairies, look, you sing;
Like to the garter's compass, in a ring;"

The Merry Wives of Windsor. Shakespeare.

Oh yes, I know about magic mycelium threads that spread below ground
and how the mushrooms grow,

but I much prefer to think of this wonderful ring that appeared overnight
as the door into the fairies' world.

Should I step inside the ring?

It is said the ring can transport people to other places
or have them appear in the same place in a different time..

if I am not here beyond today

it may well be
I stepped within the round and made a special wish for you...
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  1. What a delightful fairy ring. I used to look for them as a child. They certainly do appear magical. I think you'd better not step inside, unless you want to fly away to other realms for a while!

  2. Pure enchantment! Of course, it is a fairy ring and you can jump inside, but, come back and tell us all about where you have been then, won't you?

  3. How could one resist the faery ring and the magic found in the everyday? Just lovely, Joan.

  4. I didn't know about the fairy ring's transport power but the next time I see one -- I'm outta here!