Monday, May 9, 2011

A Good Book..

The oak tree is almost bare.
Soon I will be able to see Te Aroha Mountain again
through the naked trees.

This morning there was a soft fog

and my small garden is full of leaves..

and it seemed like a perfect morning for hopping back into bed
with my book.

I have almost finished reading THE GOOD EARTH by Pearl S Buck
and I have loved every bit of it.
I am reading slowly now..
I am sorry to be coming to the end.

Maybe I'll leave the last chapter for a quiet moment later in the day
and go and see to those leaves!
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  1. I read The Good Earth many decades ago, as a teenager, translated into German. I wouldn't have thought that anybody still reads it. You have reminded me, I will reread it.

  2. The Good Earth. I read it in high school and keep meaning to read it again, Joan, and now you will spur me on. I love to savor the end of a good book, and this is one to definitely savor. I hope you enjoy the end of the book, and your leaves as well.

  3. Like Friko, I read it (and others of Buck's work) as a teenager, well over fifty years ago. I, too, am inspired to reread it. Also her PAVILION OF WOMEN.

  4. Finished the book. I loved the way this story was told so simply. A memorable book for sure. I love reading books read when young. Sometimes I feel my eyes have been peeled with age! If you know what I mean.

  5. What a coincidence! Having finished Pearl Buck's little book about a tsuanami, 'The Big Wave', I remembered reading 'The Good Earth' many years ago and had a feeling I should check if the library has it. Your post has encouraged me to follow this up. She is a remarkable woman.