Monday, March 5, 2012

We've had a weather bomb.
It made the journey from Australia to Aotearoa/New Zealand.
Wild sou-westers
and lots of rain.

I am protected by a small hill
and hardly noticed the weather at all.

Everyone who knows me
knows my mantra is

'it never rains on me'

and somehow dancing along with the weather
means the weather never bothers me.

I wonder does it bother the bees?

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  1. ..just watched the news.. it would be very hard to dance with a tornado! Thinking of all those in the USA!

  2. What an absolute delight to dance the weather with you - and with such a bee. It makes me think of a pop-up book, which I love.

    So many are being devastated by violent weather. It is an early start to the tornado season. We've been spared so far here, for which we are grateful, but, so much of the country is really getting hit. You are kind to send wished to the US. Thank you.

    1. I cannot believe the exrent of damage Penny and some have been through it all before. Geography is our destiny, (Who said that?).

  3. That's a unique style you have there, Joan.

  4. Quite crazy Martin, but I am enjoying my Moleskine Japanese journal. I am not a diarist. Much too random. This kind of journal keeping I find fun.

  5. Joan, I love your doodles. They always make me happy and the words to accompany them are inspiring. I will be looking for such a Moleskine next trip to a larger town. I am not a diarist either, but this looks like fun.

  6. Oh yes Teresa E. Do get a Japanese Moleskine. Such lovely paper all in one long beautiful concertina, it can't help but inspire. I am off to Japan with my sister next month and plan to take one as my travel journal.

  7. What delightful doodles. I clicked on the pictures and was able to read the words. No wonder the weather doesn't bother you, when you can doodle to your heart's content.