Sunday, March 25, 2012

Were there flowers on the feijoa tree this year?
Did I see the blackbirds feasting on the flowers as they always do?
I cannot recall.
I just take it for granted, when Autumn comes,
 there will be those luscious little gifts of green fruit 
lying on the back lawn.
I gather up their deliciousness
and laugh and say
feijoas mean Autumn to me.

This year
something is wrong.
This year is the Year of the Water Dragon.
Rain.  Wetness. Lush gardens,
there are no feijoas lying under the
Feijoa Sellowiana!
Did a strange coolness about Summer
upset her?
Has she taken the year off?
A Feijoa Sellowiana Sabbatical?
I look at the tree
and somehow, suddenly,
Autumn is just not the same. 
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  1. I was just wondering where our feijoas are too. My mouth is craving that unique flavour. I will ask my permaculture friend about his carefully nurtured feijoa hedge- is that as barren as our trees this season?

  2. Oh I'm glad it's not just my tree Meliors. What a let down. I suppose we all like a holiday once in a while, but Feijoa is usually so very generous!

  3. How sad and strange, to be without feijoas. I was walking the streets today and they were rolling down the footpath from someone's tree, and then there were those delicious ones I found at the Health Food Shop. So somewhere they are thriving. Maybe yours are taking a sabatical.

  4. The weather here has been equally strange. We had a winter that basically wasn't and now everything is blooming too early. It is puzzling when something like your feijoas doesn't fruit and herald in the next season. Your doodle is wonderful, Joan.