Friday, March 16, 2012

The first thing I saw this morning
was a perfect web on my bedroom deck.

I should sweep it away
but I couldn't destroy such a masterpiece. 

The second thing I saw this morning was this bright hot-air balloon.
I should be making my bed but I stayed to watch
it sail over the trees.

The third thing I saw this morning was
the fabulous blue sky
and the shining of the sun.
I should be making my porridge but
I sat for a while with the sun warm on my face.

Now this morning I should go to the opening of the new hall at my favourite school,
to be dedicated to a favourite Principal who sadly died last year.
I should finish mowing the lawns.
I should vacumn the house and clean the windows.

Then I remembered.
Never should on yourself !

I have a friend who cares for her needy significant other.
Friday is her respite day. A deserved day off.

not 'shoulding' on myself,
I gave her a ring
and said..
"Let's go for a drive.
Let's go to Raglan by the Sea
for fish and chips by the ocean."

"Oh Yes!" said she. "That would be perfectly wonderful!"
The fish and chips wrapped up in newspaper were perfect.
The flask of hot coffee just right.

The sun shone and the ocean sparkled. 

The greedy gull was friendly and cheeky. 

The fat cicada on the harakeke sang his heart out right where we sat. 

The greedy gull posed for the camera.
"Do you like my head to the right.. 

or my head to the left..?" 

In Manu Bay the left rolling surf rolled in for the surfers. 

The best kind of left rolling surf in the world.

We checked out the shops full of nic-nacs
and arty stuff

and had a final flat white at the Blacksand cafe.
Our day was delicious, reviving and magic.
  A most special day spent
 Down By The Sea.
And what's more I can tell you
there had not been one should..
not even a small one..
nor even a whisper..
not one single

 in the whole of our day.

 And the last thing I saw

was at home on my keyboard..
 a single white feather
carried in by the breeze.

Not large enough for a greedy white seagull,
but a totem of some kind..
just perfect for me..
some kind of a blessing
for giving up
some kind of a blessing
like a kiss from the sea.

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  1. A beautifully, eloquent message. What a feeling it is, when you can say, "I've lived the day!"

  2. Oh yes Martin. Exactly right . "I've lived the day!".

  3. How wonderful to drop all those shoulds and to have another spontaneous day of pleasure! The white feather is beautiful - a sign of what it's like to take things lightly.
    I like to change 'should' to 'could' - it's so much more full of possibility that way.

  4. I love that thought Juliet.. a sign of taking things lightly. Perfect.

  5. What a magical post, Joan, A white feather. The world is full of wonder and messages of Love.

  6. Never should on yourself. I love, love, love this! and . . . I love your post. That would make a perfect poster or gift card. Oh, I'm getting carried away.

    I love spider webs and this one IS perfect. How spiders weave with such precision boggles my mind, Joan. I'm glad you didn't sweep it up and only to gifted later with that ethereal feather. Life is grand.