Saturday, March 10, 2012

A ring around the moon
and a night of bumps and spooky noises
that has me jumping out of bed...
just to check.

I have a feeling
if we had a calendar that matched our season..
we would be heading for Halloween. 

but all is well 

and when I wake the venetian blinds
are gilded with 

a golden sunrise, 

and the trees are tipped in sunshine gold
and many leaves
hold the gold..
Autumn gold. 

I doodle a page of Autumn ponderings
and bask in
a golden gratitude. 
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  1. You enter autumn as I enter spring. I love that juxtaposition of life, this never ending circle. And a Beautiful entry in your diary.

  2. This is so poetic and beautiful, Joan. Here we are again dancing with different partners as you enter Autumn and we enter spring. I still marvel at it all.

  3. Joan, this is so evocative. I saw the moon last night too, peeping hazily through the clouds from where I was staying at Sandspit. And then the golden sunrise - how cheering.