Sunday, March 11, 2012

Little doodle pages from a small Moleskine journal
carried in my bag.

Tolle says
never wait.
If someone says,
I'm sorry,
have I kept you waiting..
I wasn't waiting.
I was just enjoying myself.

This little Moleskine journal
is always in my bag
for when I have time
to enjoy myself. 

One small journal
one ink pen
a small amount of
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  1. Your doodles bring us joy, too. Here's to more waiting time...I mean, time to enjoy ourselves.

  2. Hej Joan, they are so beautiful your doodles, and I admire you for having such a fine note book. It's fantastic. And I love your words.

    My notebooks always end up in a mess.

    Grethe ´)

  3. Seeing your doodles IS bliss, Joan. Thank you.

    I always carry a book with me, wherever I go. I am thinking I should carry a journal as well. I used to, but got out of that practice.