Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today friend Jan and I went to Woodlands, Gordonton,
for lunch.

(you can visit Woodlands here)

Jan and I worked together for fifteen years
teaching fondly remembered children with special needs.
We could write a book about our shared adventures, our successes and our failures;
the ups and downs of our own family lives we've shared;
the tears and the belly laughs.
So much shared history behind us
and now both of us are relishing our retirement.

We meet up on our birthdays
for a lovely lunch at Woodlands.. 

a place of beauty and peacefulness. 

Thank you Jan!
See you at Woodlands in June. 
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  1. Oh, Joan, what a beautiful spot the celebrate friendship and birthdays. Is it yours? If so, happy birthday. If not, happy birthday anyways.

    Those hydrangea, both colors, are gorgeous.