Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday afternoon.
Just the time for doodling in my Japanese Moleskine
while I listen to Arts on Sunday -
about the first Pops Orchestra in NZ;
a nz radio drama;
a muso who has put kiwi poets' works to music
and a debut novel from Sacha de Basin,
Sacha has written about the notorious Minnie Dean,
the only woman ever executed in NZ.
Sacha tells the story from Minnie's perspective.

I doodle as I listen.

This is an earlier page inspired by  the exhibition at Auckland Art Gallery -
Degas to Dali,

and this is today's page about light and colour
and design.
A scrap of wallpaper design  was the starting point.
A visual diary is a wonderful means of recalling a day.
I'm sure Minnie Deans will come to mind whenever I look at these birds,
which was not my intention at all.
We will never know the truth of Minnie Dean.
She lived in harsh times.
No one is an island.
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  1. How beautiful to see your doodles unfolding like that. I love what you've done with the wallpaper.

  2. That is so wonderful. Uoy are so clever.
    Hug to you

  3. Such a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, Joan. Your doodles are wonderful. Thank you for sharing.