Thursday, March 8, 2012

Today is windy and warm and wild
and I walked to Rostrevor St
to have a free hearing test.

I am told my hearing is almost perfect apart from some very high pitched sounds
that are no longer within my hearing range..
hence the observation in my journal below
that I may never again hear a spider sing
(did I ever?)
but the tinnitus in my ears means I can hear
cicadas sing all year round!
I found the cicada wing on my bathroom floor this morning..
and wrote my journal page while having a flatwhite
in Habit Cafe
before walking home.

 look at this
I am writing
beneath my photo!
Thank you Blogspot!
At last.
I can use spell check too!
It feels like a happy day!

I think maybe I overdid the story words..
too much caffeine?
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  1. What beautiful, celebratory posts Joan. I'm just catching up after having my nose down, trying to meet my writing deadline. Your blog is always a delight. It must be the season for free hearing tests because I'm having one on Monday.

  2. Or perhaps unbridled joy?

    I would not be the least surprised that you could, and can, hear spiders sing.

  3. Too funny -- I also have tinnitus and I also have chosen to think of it as cicadas!

    But now, oh now, I long to hear the spiders sing!

  4. Just the thought of haring a spider sing is a lovely thought indeed, Joan.

    Glad to see you can post below deck again. Yea!