Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Perfect Winter's Day.

Winter has arrived at last.
There was frost on the rooftops this morning.

I try to eat food that is locally grown or grown in NZ
and just now NZ oranges are available.
They are juicy and sweet. Mm ..mmm!
Little wonder a tree full of orange circles appeared in my doodle!

Orange globes... juicy suntraps.

A sunny winter's day
is just the day for Victoria-Sofia and me to go to the lake cafe
where it is French Toast Week!

Victoria-Sofia insisted I take a photo of her grinning
instead of smiling.
She does not believe me that seven-year-old girls
look beautiful with gaps!

Outside in the winter sunshine
the playground is full of children and parents and grandparents.
finds a friend
and this winter's day
seems perfect.

I sit and chat to friend Josie.
We laugh at the children

and the sun
and friendship
us all.
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  1. Like a cow, yearning for the greener grass on the other side of the fence, I think wistfully of winter on this hot summer night.

  2. What a delightful child, Victoria-Sophia is, Joan. I wish you many fun-filled days with her.
    Love the orange tree doodle. Perhaps one day you will have enough to publish a book of them.

  3. We awakened to frosty windows, Joan; the airconditioner fighting with the extreme heat and humidity outdoors. Isn't it funny, you in winter with frost on the rooftop and me up here with foggy windows?

    My-oh-my but Victoria-Sophia looks so much more grown up than she did last time you posted a picture of her. What fun she seems to be having.

  4. What a beautiful young girl with a lovely smile. And I absolutely Love your orange tree doodle with I Am. You really could do a book, or they would be lovely framed individually. They are filled with inspiring ideas and images.

  5. Love the oranges doodle and seeing Victoria-Sophia. This is such a special relationship - lucky both of you.