Saturday, July 16, 2011

I am happy the beautiful grounds are now named
Monte Cecilia Park.

These sweeping fields were were more overgrown
when we were living here.

During our afternoon recreation hour
this was where we walked and explored

and played games like sardines.
A form of hide-and-seek.
I remember the tree we discovered with delicious fruit that were
neither apple nor pear but had the taste of both.
We named it the Papple Tree.
Maybe it was a Nashi Pear unknown then but common now in NZ.

It was here that Petra the Donkey lived.
She was left by a travelling circus with the proviso
that one day they would return for her.
They never did.
We all loved Petra.
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  1. What a memorable visit this must have been for you and Eileen. The grounds are so beautiful, Joan, and what a remarkable place to have spent so much time as a young woman and novice student.