Sunday, July 31, 2011

I've had a busy week.
No time for blogging.

I relax alone
watching a movie.
Eat Pray Love,
to be precise.

I take scissors and paper

and snip snip snip
while I listen.

I see wishbone shapes
and curly letters

snip snip snip

birds and hearts.

I unfold 
a mandala..

and I wonder

is it the end result that is important
the little shapes
and the
happen along the way ...

( Paper mandalas make wonderful doilies for under cakes and cookies! )

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  1. My heavens, Joan, this is such a good post. Outstanding in its simplicity and its love. Maybe they all play their part, but I sure do love the heart and birds...

  2. Very beautiful J. I think this shows that the little things in our lives are just as beautiful as the big. I have read Eat Pray Love haven't seen the movie yet, must do so.

  3. This is such a Joan post... I love it! I once read an interview with a famous author, who said that writing was what happened while he/she waited for inspiration to strike. I think a lot of life is like that!
    Much love to you xx

  4. Oh, Joan, this is lovely! Such a nice way to pass the time while a movie is on. Eat, Pray, Love. Hmm. I did not like the book one whit, BUT, I loved the movie. That rarely happens, but, in this case it did.

  5. So gorgeous, Joan. I always think it's the art of creating that is the special bit. But it's lovely when something turns out to be not only beautiful, but beautifully useful.

  6. Oh, such lovely photos! We used to make those in school and I showed my boys how to. But it never occurred to me how lovely the removed bit were -- what philosophy, Joan!

  7. Joan it is so pretty. You are a very creative woman! `)


  8. I feel so inspired by this. I'm going to get some paper and scissors at the ready and start some snipping when Mira next comes to visit. I've just read that when Matisse was bedridden at the end of his life, he asked for coloured paper and scissors, and made those stunning paper collages - you may have seen them.