Friday, July 8, 2011

50 years ago
this small notebook was mine

my mother kept it
all those years

just recently
it was returned to me

in it I wrote such naive poems
that make me feel astonished

who is she
this girl of 17

in love with the thought of love

when belief was certain

she left the notebook
and her few possessions
and life as she knew it

left her mother
her family

a last look at her home
the sandy bay
the hilly peninsula
as if she'd never seen them before

without looking back
she went

never to return

life is like that
at 17
when romance will last forever

we think

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  1. I have a couple of diaries from my teen years and they're almost painful to read. I suppose it's all part of growing up, believing love will always carry the day. I think I prefer Now when I believe in love still, but know better than to put all my eggs in one basket. :)

    What an interesting cover and I love the top phrase: "My own book of treasures." In your hand?

  2. How wonderful that you mother saved it, Joan, and that now it has come home to you. "In love with the thought of love". Oh, how that exemplifies many a 17 year old girl. Sometimes, I think back to my younger years, just as I was about to leave for college, and I don't recognize myself. Then, if I dig a little deeper, aha, there she is after all.

  3. As the other commenters have noted, it's hard sometimes to recognize our younger selves. I, too, have some of my old journals and blush to read how silly I was.

  4. What a treat from the past. The amazing thing is that I have a little notebook almost identical to yours, and it contains my first innocent poems as well. My mother kept things too, and I'm so grateful about that.