Saturday, July 16, 2011

Monte Cecilia Park and Pah Farm

My friend Eileen came from Wellington to stay with me.
46 years ago we were student nuns
living in a house of studies in Auckland.

It was then called Monte Cecilia.
Originally it was a private home, Pah Farm.
Purchased by The Sisters of Mercy it has been a boarding school
for girls, a study house for student nuns and a refuge for homeless families

This beautiful home has been purchased by the Auckland City Council
and is today an art gallery.

Eileen and I went to visit Pah Farm
and memories flooded back as we wandered through the house and grounds.

The phoenix palm in the garden reminded us of passing time.
It is twice as tall.
The kingfishers that nested in the palm used to dive bomb on us during the spring.
Now they are so high I don't imagine they will be worried by those walking beneath.

The chapel is now a gracious space for art.
It was certainly a visit back in time for Eileen and me.

I am so grateful for the years I spent with The Sisters Of Mercy.
They were years of education and learning and spirituality that I will always treasure.

Friendships formed then are so dear
and there is a sisterhood that will
endure forever.
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  1. I was very intrigued by your photo of the doll, so I'm really enjoying the background on it. what a beautiful place to have lived and spent in spiritual study, what a great place to have an art gallery, and what a wonderful day you must have had with your friend, strolling those grounds and remembering. I enjoyed each of these posts.

  2. I couldn't wait to read the rest of what you had to say. Mount Cecilia has lived so many different lives, hasn't it? How meaningful it must feel to spend some time there with such a dear friend, to reflect on its past, and to enjoy the present space it is now. This was wonderful, Joan.

  3. Hi Joan Nice to meet you.What a wonderful place you've lived in and how nice to step back in the past and relive all these great memories.
    Thanks for visiting me, arohanui marja

  4. What an interesting journey your life has been. I know that when I read Rumer Godden's IN THIS HOUSE OF BREDE, I saw the appeal of a nun's life.

    And what a beautiful place Pah Farm is! Thank you for all the pictures!

  5. I'm catching up after some time away from blogging, and have really enjoyed reading these posts about Monte Cecilia. Just this week I was saying to someone that I must visit there - and knowing your history in this place will add an extra incentive. What marvellous memories, and what a beautiful place for that important stage of your life.