Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just wondering..

"Even in a world that's being shipwrecked..
remain brave and strong."

I came across this quote and was thinking about our planet.
Loss of rain forests.
Global warming.....

a world being shipwrecked for sure.

The quote however
is from
Hildegard of Bingen
who lived from 1098 to 1179.

So we've been shipwrecking the Earth for a long time.

For all her visions and insights, Hildegard could not, I am sure,
have imagined the life we live today, almost a millennium later.

The Earth survived.

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  1. Love the doodle, Joan, and the thought that the earth will survive in spite of us. You are so talented, in so many ways - how can I feel shipwrecked when you are there, in New Zealand, always enlightening me. Sail on.

  2. Goosebumps. Thank you, Joan, for Knowing this and passing it on through Hildegard's words.

    Wonderful "doodling."

  3. It's amazing to read what Hildegard von Bingen said a thousand years ago, isn't it? Thank you for sharing this, Joan, and thank you for your lovely doodles.
    Let's hope our dear blue planet will survive in spite of our bad behaviour.
    Best wishes

  4. Even though I have no firm opinions on the existence of God, I find H von B's phrase, likening herself to 'a feather on the breath of God,' somehow applicable to my life.

  5. I took the world to refer to Earth.. of course H. could have been referring to an emotional world ..

  6. Thank you for this piece of sunshine. You so inspire me!

  7. What a marvellous quote. I thought of Christchurch as soon as I read it. And then how surprising to find where it came from. I do admire and love Hildegarde von Bingen's words and images. Thank you, Joan.