Friday, April 29, 2011

The Wedding!

I went to the dentist early this morning
and noticed the rather humble building,
where my wonderful dentist Helen
works minor miracles on my somewhat aging teeth,

goes under the rather posh name of
erected in 1953
the year of the coronation of our Queen Elizabeth.
I was nine and remember the excitement of that event.

Those were the days when little sister and I collected newspaper and magazine
cuttings for our Royal Family scrapbooks.

The Queen's coronation and her tour of New Zealand was very exciting..
 My schoolmates and I stood very close to the royal car
from which she alighted when she visited Pukekohe.

I have been inside Buckingham and Windsor Castles, and the palaces of St James and Kensington.

We were in London when the Queen Mother died, and stood on the Mall and watched the princes as they walked behind her coffin.The darling little crown sat on top ..the same crown we had seen at The Tower of London.
I've been in Hampton Court and Glamis Castle...

Oh, and tomorrow night  I will be tucked up in my dressing gown, slippers and tiara..

The Wedding!!

I'm such a Royalist at times like this.

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  1. Your tribute to the royal family is touching. I, too, will be up at 4 am our time to attend the wedding. Oh my, you have seen so much of England. I love ceremony, pomp and circumstance, and all the trappings. I think at heart, if we allow ourselves to admit it, we all want to be a fairy princess riding in a coach at times.
    Now, I need to find a tiara so I can be your bookend on the end of the the globe.

  2. It sounds wonderful, Joan. Love the photo of the "coronation chambers." I will probably be watching, as well. Who doesn't like a good fairy tale? We all could use a bit of that. And, I have to see The Dress.

  3. I'll be doing the same - except in the early hours of the morning. Our time difference isn't kind! I don't have any union jack slippers unfortunately, but I will have a good old English cuppa in hand!

  4. Somewhere I still have the scrapbook I made of magazine clippings about the Coronation back in '53. I was ten and I nagged my grandparents into buying a television set so that we could watch the Event.

  5. Oh yes Penny.. you and me in our tiaras ! Wonderful. (Will Tom be watching too??)
    Teresa E.. Oh yes .. the dress. Funny how we all get a little excited.
    Bookgatherer.. I know where you'll be wishing you were maybe? But knowing London so well will make it all the more exciting. xoxo

    ..and there is little Vicki aged 10 watching the Coronation in 1953 on her new TV.. no TV in NZ back then. We had to wait for the 'shorts' and Movietone news at the movies to see any moving pictures!