Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Happy Day..

It is school holidays
and during the holidays I get to spend a day or two with my sweet little neighbour

We spent the day together yesterday.
It was cold and rainy so not the kind of day for excursions out and about.

We baked cookies, made mini-pizzas for our lunch and cooked butter chicken for V-S's family dinner.

We made Easter baskets, and Victoria-Sofia drew my portrait...see above.
We played Scrabble. V-S had not played before and caught on very quickly and had as much fun keeping the scores as she did working out words.
I love my days with Victoria-Sofia. Six year olds are wonderful company. Can't you see by my portrait just how happy and relaxed I look.   I did ask about my wrinkles.  "I don't know how to draw crinkles" said Victoria-Sofia.   Perfect, I reckon.
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  1. What a delightful day it sounds, with a young friend who doesn't see crinkles! I love her portrait of you. How bright your eyes are and how alive your face is. Children see with the eyes of truth, past the distractions of what's on the surface.

  2. An absolutely delightful day! Cookies and crayons and Easter baskets. Who could ask for more? I do so enjoy hearing about your Victoria-Sofia days, Joan. Thank you.

  3. It sounds delightful in every way. Lovely portrait, too.

  4. What a pleasant day! You DO look quite relaxed. And I love the extraordinary fish doodle from yesterday!