Friday, April 22, 2011

Magic at the Arboretum Lake.

When Victoria-Sofia and I reached the beautiful little lake at the Arboretum,
two black swans came swimming over to us, calling softly.

"Hello Beautiful Young Girl" they cried. "Are you a princess?
We are not really swans at all. We are two handsome young princes
but the wicked Queen turned us into swans."

"If you are a princess you can break the magic spell and we will be princes again!"

"I'm sorry swans. I am not a real princess. I cannot help you"
said Victoria-Sofia, shaking her head sadly.

" Oh. She is not a princess," said the sad swans,

and they bowed their heads and swam sadly away.

"Joan, that's a sad story.
I wish I was a real princess so I could rescue them,"  said Victoria-Sofia thoughtfully.

"Actually Joan, I don't think they were telling the truth.
I think they really are swans."

"Swans!  Don't be sad!  You are real swans really.
Just be happy being swans!"  Victoria-Sofia called out as they swam away to the far side
of the beautiful lake.
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  1. Joan, you bring such magic to moments and you bring out the child in me! What beautiful black swans that I haven't seen here but for in a zoo. It is such a delight to see them here.

  2. I've never seen black swans. Beautiful. I love your way of telling so much with few words. It's wonderful book material for children, of all ages. Yes, we should all be exactly who we are. Lovely tale.

  3. What magic, and what a lucky little girl to have a companion like you. I'm just catching up, after being away for Easter.