Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Walking to the Optician's...

.. take a little detour down a leafy street..

kick through the piles of leaves heaped by the wind..

marvel at the mushrooms and toadstools
that abound beneath the trees..

the little ones and big ones all enchanted red and orange..

and look at these..  shaped upon some fairy lathe,
  as were the acorn cups..

 step lightly around the twigs and branches that the wind has tossed about..

and feel the autumn dance
within your body
and your soul.

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  1. Beautiful things, those mushrooms! I am enjoying your autumn colors! And, Joan, should you ever travel to the USA -- do plan to come in our spring and come to our Easter party. I'd love to have you as a house guest.

  2. I love autumn. I love your photos, Joan. And those toadstools are absolutely magical!

  3. Oh, you found some toadstools! I've been looking for the very same ones, which I usually spot at this time of year, but not yet.

  4. Oh yes Juliet.. I always feel so lucky when I come across these big red ones. I was hoping to find some with Victoria-Sofia , but not one in sight.

  5. Oh, just to look at those toadstools! What enchantment for the fairies and the little girl that resides in many of us - especially moi!