Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daily doodle...

This cat just turned up in this doodle.
Cats are like that.
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  1. . . . and there it is, with a grin and magnificent tail!

  2. hee hee yes they are like that
    lovely doodle
    work of art
    glorious joyful art
    thank you and good morning
    from Illinois

  3. Love it. Cats do have a way of inserting themselves. I think they each believe they wear an invisible crown. And good for them.

  4. So lovely! The cat's expression is perfect, Joan! You're right - cats are definitely like that! :)

  5. What a happy cat! Love how it popped up! And good afternoon from Virginia. I have a weather gadget with my Windows and have Christchurch's weather on my screen (along with other places.) It's nice to follow the weather around the world.