Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Happy Day...

Taitua Arboretum is a favourite place of mine.
Just a few minutes drive into the country,
 20 hectares of pasture and streams, lakes, bridges, birds and walkways

and lots of trees.

Victoria-Sofia and I spent this morning there.
We went hunting for toadstools that just might be the homes of fairies.
I will write about that later.

The Arboretum was the farm of John and Bunny Mortimer. Over the years they planted an extensive
variety of trees, many of them rare species.

John and Bunny gifted the beautiful property to the people of Hamilton City.
It is truly a toanga, a wonderful treasure.
Thank you John and Bunny.
A perfect place to be remembered, especially at this mellow and beautiful time of autumn.

Victoria-Sofia and I had a magic time

in a very magic place.

I'll tell you more tomorrow.

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  1. Isn't it wonderful that we have the generosity of some who bequeath their properties for all to enjoy? I love your pictures here, Joan, and through them call feel the excitement and fun you and your young companion had (and i will look forward to learning if you found any fairies).

    I had a fairy garden in our other house. Tucked behind a shed and towering pine, children loved to "find" the fairies frolicking about and I even found several fairy plants to add to the mischief.

  2. What a magical place to spend time in! I love the photos, Joan - especially the one that is like a tunnel! I bet you and Victoria-Sofia were definitely in the company of fairies!

  3. What a peaceful and green place. This was extra special as I was on the board of the Q E II National Trust with Bunny, many years ago, and I know how dedicated she and John were to conservation. What a marvellous legacy to leave.

  4. I first went there when Bunny and John still lived there, and got the guided tour with them - I treasure that memory of Taitua - but not as much as I treasure the memories of the wedding of my second son Steven and my beautiful daughter-in-law, Heidi. They were married in the redwood circle at Taitua :) Lovely photos, lovely memories - thanks.

  5. Penny.. your fairy garden must have been a magic place. What were the fairy plants I wonder?
    Talon.. I can tell you are a fairy person.

    Juliet.. fancy you knew Bunny. Very special lady. You must come down one day and we'll go for a walk there.

    Cally.. what a special place for a wedding.