Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Weddings..

I thought I'd share a little treasure.

The little book made by son Steven, then aged four and a half,

after watching the wedding of Charles and Diana in 1981.

The Glass Coach

Princess Diana and The  Dress

and inside St Paul's... The Royal Family sitting waiting and Charles and Diana walking down the aisle.

Diana looked the perfect fairy-tale princess that day, but we all know old fairy-tales can have a very black side.

The day has dawned fine with blue skies here in NZ.
May the day be beautiful for the Royal Wedding in London today too
and may this be a fairy tale wedding that really does comes true in the Happily-Ever-After sort of way.

for William and Catherine.

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  1. I love it! I wonder if I could persuade him to make another one after this wedding?!

  2. I reckon ! Writing was his big thing then. He'd say "How do you write..." and I'd call out the letters and he'd write them down, usually with no gaps between words. Maybe the engineer in him loved the stapler!

  3. Oh, how charming is that book, Joan!

    I remember their wedding day so clearly. And so true what you say - appearances can be so deceptive.

    I hope and pray that William and Kate have a long and happy life together. They seem made for each other.

  4. I hope this fairy tale comes true as well! My alarm is set, the teapot at the ready, still no tiara, but, maybe some rhinestone hair clips?

    What a lovely treasure of Steven's and how wonderful that you saved it all this time.

  5. I watched parts of the wedding this morning, and it seemed graceful and calm. Very nice. I love this post. Your sweet Stephen.

  6. How gorgeous! I think Kate and William have a better chance of having it work out well. Let's hope so.