Monday, June 7, 2010

The Queen's Birthday.

Today is The Queen's Official Birthday.
It is a rainy day here today and a public holiday.

In 1953 I was 9 years old and the Queen came to New Zealand.
The children from my school were taken to Pukekohe to see her.
We walked along the streets behind a brass band.
I guess because we were from Awhitu School we were first in the march
and we stood right in front of the dais.
( The word dais was new to me and seemed a very royal word at the time.)
How we waved our little flags when the big shiny black car pulled up with
the beautiful young Queen and the handsome Duke
smiling and waving the royal wave.
If I had leaned forward I could have touched the Duke.
What a day it was.

Little sister and I kept scrapbooks with pictures of the Royal Family
cut from magazines and newspapers.
We had glossy books about the Royal Family too. Complete and utter Royalists we were.

The year of the Queen's coronation our father decided to take us for a real holiday.
We stayed at the Arckles Bay Holiday Camp, Whangaparaoa Peninsula.
The fact it was winter did not deter us at all!
(Farmers were much too busy in the summer to take a holiday!)
Mum and Dad bought us a replica of the coronation golden carriage and horses.
Little Sister caught pneumonia and we had to stay longer until she was well enough to travel home!
One morning the holiday camp owner knocked on our door to tell us
A New Zealander, Edmund Hillary had conquered Mt Everest.
The Queen was very happy this happened just in time for her coronation!

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!
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