Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another doodled Envelope..

This was such a long envelope it did not fit on my scanner.
It was an envelope from our lawyer made from a beautiful paper.
The stamps are from a series of non-denominated stamps with a Kiwiana theme.
(Sometimes I feel akin to a tattooist!)


one letter in my box
is worth two in your mind love
write to me today

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  1. I love these, Joan. You should consider putting together a book of your doodles. I clicked on to your pictures and there is so much more to see and your wonderful words taking us along on whatever the doodling adventure may be.

    I love stamps. I'm not sure why. Perhaps because they evoke a time or a place or something in history. They tell a story in such a small space.

    Keep on doodling. I'm enjoying them here in the states.

  2. Thank Lifeonthecuff for taking the time to comment and be so encouraging! What an amazing world we live in when we can link to like minded and such nice people!!