Monday, June 14, 2010

A Doodle While watching TV.

I watched Criminal Minds on TV last night..and doodled while I watched.
The older I get the less I like watching violence and other nasty things (by myself especially)
but I got hooked into the story last night and doodled to calm my nerves!
I'm not sure where all this doodling is heading.
It is very addictive and I love doing it. My intention for having a blog was to do something creative/arty daily after finishing the year of art study..and doodling is what I did over the summer ..and now I am hooked!
I did one year of an art diploma when I first retired so I would have something to say when friends asked me THAT QUESTION ... "What do you do all day" !
Today I will have another go at quilting my quilt on my new-ish sewing machine. It is very computerised and clever. I am a bit scared of it when it comes to quilting. Wish me luck!

I think the birds are whistling "whenever you feel afraid, whistle a happy tune.."

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