Friday, June 25, 2010

Doodle with a Paper Napkin:

This morning I joined a new book club in the city.
A nice way to meet some new friends.
My doodles today incorporate the paper napkin I was given
with a delicious savoury muffin for morning tea.
I decided to keep mine and recycle it into a piece of artwork.
I don't think Lisa would recognize the napkin.

The Frogs Are It!!
I'm not sure where the frogs think they're going.

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  1. These are brilliant - you are brilliant J.

  2. Thank you Cuzz. You are very kind.

  3. I've always loved frogs, they are a lovely part of my childhood memories.

  4. Your doodles always bring a smile to my face. These napkin doodles of a frog a sure joy! I hope you enjoy your new book club - I treasure mine. We have been meeting for 22 years and still going strong, though we lost one last year to cancer and have a snowbird who leaves us each winter for a warmer climate. What book did you discuss?