Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daily Doodle /collage

Iwent to see the movie COCO AND IGOR this morning.
I loved the fashion, the decor, the music...and the passion, the tension.
I admired Coco's independence..and hated the affair.
Anna Mouglalis was a wonderful Coco..
and Mads Mikkelsen a dour Stravinski.

I haven't attempted collage for over a year.
Maybe this is a new beginning!

It is interesting how I can create something and then see things later that I was quite unaware of . I like the roundness of the eggs, the water drop and the other round shapes below. I did this quite unconsciously. It is the same with all art.. the artist paints and I see more than or differently from what was intended by the artist. How fascinating art is.

To Katerina, Stravinski's wife..

She shared me her house.
I did not think my husband
Would suffice for rent!!

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  1. I truly enjoy your doodles and especially appreciate and like this new one with collage. Inspiration by Chanel . . .

  2. Thank you Lifeonthecuff. Thanks for the encouragement and leaving a comment.

  3. What an amazing and fresh piece... I love the incorporation of the collage element in it...Your lines are so happy and fancy free...big smile here!:)

  4. Thank you Margret Ann for your kind comment. Kia ora!