Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Little Bit of Nonsense. By Me.

Inspired by friend Joan who is going off to live by the sea....

Oh for a little house down by the sea
With a bird and a cat
And a nice cup of tea.

I'd have a good garden and bees for my honey,
I'd play lots of music
and dance when it's sunny.

I'd dance in the Autumn and dance in the Spring.
I'd dance in the Summer
When all the birds sing.

And when it was Winter I'd breathe the salt air,
And do lots of dancing
'til Summer was there.
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  1. What a beautiful teapot and's got that cozy look...and Renee Flemming is fantastic...that Met series is sooo yummy...and breating the salt air and dancing...with a cuppa tea after, perfect!

  2. Thank you Kitty Howard! And Leonard Cohen is coming to NZ and his songs are what I love to dance to..especially "Dance Me To The End of Love" !!

  3. Hello Joan,

    Lovely poem, ah, for a lovely cup of tea! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Always nice to have visitors and from so far away!