Monday, June 27, 2011

With love for a special friend..

Maybe you'll remember about one year ago
my dear friend Ann died of cancer.
She had been a loved deputy principal of a very special school.

Ann's husband Kevin has been principal of this school for many years.
Now it is Kevin who is very ill with cancer.

There is a big sadness at the school.
Staff and children and all of us who know Kevin are feeling very sad.

Today two friends, Felicity and Jan, and I
have worked since early morning at my place,
sewing together a quilt made up of small artworks by the children and staff.
We felt honoured to be stitching this work of love together for
the children and teachers..

We worked from 8am until 5pm,
when two teachers arrived to deliver the quilt to Hospice where a very ill Kevin is tonight.
A very special quilt made with a huge love and caring for a special man.

Our love is with you dear friend.
Our love is with you.
Love to a special school with special teachers and children.
You are the best!
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  1. Such love wrapped up in this most special of quilts. I have been speaking to Clare tonight. A greatly loved man. Love to you J xxx

  2. I'm sure that your friend Kevin will find much comfort in this beautiful quilt Joan and that the therapy of making it and the good thoughts will help to comfort you too.

  3. Such a sad story you tell here. I wish that the "C" word didn't exist any longer. This quilt is really a work of art and art is the best therapy...for both concerned. Thanks for sharing and I hold the high watch for your friend and his health.

  4. Such a wonderful gift -- quilts warm the hearts of those who make them as well as those who receive... Blessings to you and your friends at this sad time.

  5. What a wonderful gift for your friend. This is heart-breaking.
    Best wishes

  6. Such a wonderful gift and tribute to you friend, Joan.
    Peace and prayers to all, especially to Kevin.

  7. What a beautiful gift to mark such a sad time. What a loss to the school, of these special teachers, and to you, of such friends.