Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday afternoon..

my doorbell rings
and two little girls
with a gift of flowers

all short stems
and beautiful

we're bored
they say
so we brought you some flowers

I put out the paper
and the soft chalk pastels

and deck them out
in my oversize aprons

and while I sew
two quiet little girls
are lost in their art
for an hour or so

as peaceful as beautiful flowers
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  1. Joan, This is such a sweet and kind moment. How very blessed these two girls are to be have your friendship and a place to quietly create. Short stems....

  2. So lovely! When I was that age I had a friendly neighbor lady who would give me the run of her library and it was she who introduced me to Edith Hamilton's GREEK MYTHOLOGY - the beginning of a lifetime fascination.

    Have you showed these girls how to doodle?

  3. These girls ar lucky to have such a sweet neigbour. What a nice moment for them.

  4. What a beautiful story Joan. And isn't their mother lucky too, to know that her girls can visit somewhere that is both safe and nurturing of their creativity.

  5. Joan, you make me want to be a better person and you make me so happy that there are women like you in the world that open their homes and their hearts for little girls, bearing flowers, and looking for something to do. Such joy to find this post this evening after a long and fruitful day.